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Supporting Volunteer Literacy In Illinois Since 1979


Why Donate

With your help, we can expand our services to achieve even greater heights. Every donation we receive goes towards our mission of facilitating incarcerated youth and adult literacy throughout the state to help them develop job readiness skills, earn additional credientials and education, apply for citizenship, and more fully engage with their communities.


According to the Illinois Community College Board, over 1 million adults in Illinois lack even a high school equivalency and nearly 500,000 of them do not even have a 9th grade education. Whatever the reason, this lack of literacy acts as a barrier to job hunting or career advancement, and can lead to increased stress, depression, unemployment, and continued cyclical inequality. 


Together, we can further address this systemic problem and others like it, and help these people in need achieve their dreams.



LVI began by working with just four LVA programs, and today provides an array of resources and services to staff, tutors, and students in adult literacy programs statewide.


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